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BI Seminars: eHealth SINT 2013-2017
BI Seminar WS1: Ledelsesparadigme i Kommunal Helsetjeneste
Our Contribution to the IEEE Digital Ecology Conference 2013 24-26th July
OASIS has now approved Transformational Government Framework (TGF) as a new OASIS standard
CAM editor tool an EU Joinup project
OASIS Applauds European Unionís Reform Embracing Broader Cooperation with Open Standards Consortia
New EPR-forum webpage with focus on -Services in Your hand-
Blogg input to the Norwegian Minister of Health
Webinar: eGov as a common superstructure platform
EPR-forum contribution to public hearing on 'Healthcare Innovation'
NIEM and Oracle
Oracle now part of the OASIS CAM templating work !



The Opportunities in Elderly Healthcare

The Opportunities in Elderly Healthcare

Based on the Norwegian Heathcare Interaction Reform, EPR-forum and the Norwegian School of Management BI have taken the initiative to establish the co-operation project: The Opportunities in Elderly Healthcare and related Bloggs ( In Norwegian)

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Per Leif Dogger

Per Leif Dogger


Key Qualifications:

Senior systems- and development engineer with 25 years of experience from telecom and satellite communication infrastructure for maritime, land, and airborne communication via the Inmarsat satellite network.

* Product management, engineering, development, test and turnkey delivery projects to leading telecom operators (such as Telenor, British Telecom)

* SW development of embedded solutions, server applications, and Smartphone/tablets

* Dedicated, loyal, quality conscious

* Business minded with technical depth and ability to see the whole picture and new opportunities
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Smart Grids

Smart Grids

EPR-forum will focus on tomorrow’s need of interoperating Smart Grids. Smart Grid is an electrical grid (interconnected network) that uses computers and electronic BUS-devices (nodes) to gather and act on information, such as information about the behaviors of suppliers and consumers, in an automated fashion to improve the efficiency, reliability, economics, and sustainability of the production and distribution of electricity. Crucial here is the needed two-way communication with Smart Meters AMR( Automated Meter Reading) in "open" AMS(Advanced Metering Systems) solutions. EPR-forum is handling only the functional and modeling part of the Smart Grid dealing with competing and interacting technologies and platforms by help of the EPR eDevice standard ( ANSI/CEA-721).... detailed description
David Webber

David Webber

David Webber, chair advisory board international for EPR-forum.

David is now a Global Public Safety Expert at Huawei Enterprise Business Group after being working as Information Architect at Oracle Corporation and US Government Contractor.

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Harald L. Lindberg

Harald L. Lindberg

Professor of Congenital Cardiac Surgery at Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery, University of Oslo, Department of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery, Rikshospitalet,

Oslo, Norway

EPR-forum is glad to have Harald as an advisor and part of our eHealth competence group dealing with new disruptive digital solutions for Hospitals and Institutions, but also in the Home care market.

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eGov as a common superstructure platform

eGov as a common superstructure platform

Public change of thinking with the goal: "eGov as a common superstructure Platform" !
( Webinar at the university BI Business School of Management at Nydalen the 26th Jan. 2012 )

EPR-forum in co-operation with OASIS , The Norwegian Computer Society and BI.
The Norwegian Computer Society topic group "Health and ICT" has got two international specialist speakers to talk about the eGov 2.0 paradigm.

The change of thinking: The Citizens have to be active stakeholders/owners of our common Society and not passive Clients !
The new internationally Interaction and Interoperability paradigm in Public Service Management going on these days is named eGov 2.0. This handle the interaction between Service Receiver and his/her social network, The Public service system, Private service executers and Charity and Voluntary service organizations.

Link the Norwegian Computer Society: Common prinsiples and wholistic thinking in electronic Government... ( www.dataforeningen.no )
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Marthin Evensen

Marthin Evensen

Marthin has long and solid experience from international companies and international work, within strategic sales and management. Frequently accepted positions and been a resource in terms of new start-ups and turning operations. Great interest in creating something new, and solving challenging situations, I have succeeded because of my high dedication and high work capacity. Long and good experience in IT / Telephony and e-commerce companies, with management, new start-ups and turnaround, organizational and business development, and marketing.
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Farid Inkha

Farid Inkha

Engineering manager and Project manager, with 20+ years experiences across Europe, USA and Asia in video TelePresence, Collaboration video technology devices and electronic/mechanical hardware products.

Extensive 10+ years of multi-discipline managerial experiences to conceptualize, develop and deliver technology products.

Proven record technical experiences within TelePresence with international industry, customers, suppliers and manufacturers particularly in China, India, Poland, Taiwan, Scandinavia, USA and United Kingdom.

Enjoys to work in fast-paced, high pressure environments with a proactive mind-set and with solution oriented approach.

Proven analytical skills, creative and flexible both as technical leader and project manager.

Team player with strong intercultural understanding and excellent communication skills to facilitate collaboration among colleagues, consultants, vendors and international manufacturers. ... detailed description